Tivoli Therapeutic Services Ltd.


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Tivoli Therapeutic Services Ltd. provide psychiatric and psychological consultation, assessment and treatment. As well as traditional methods we also offer treatment complemented by the healing effects of the natural environment and equine assisted growth and development.

The company is run by Anna Pascall who is an experienced Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with over 25 years clinical experience in the field.

We offer practical assistance for young people with access to horses and the outdoors.

For more information please refer to our services and please feel free to get in touch to learn more what we offer.


The practice of equine-assisted therapy and learning (EAT/L) to deliver psychosocial interventions to young people is a rapidly growing field. However, recent reviews have cited a need for further documentation of a theoretical foundation and evidence of outcomes of these programmes. This paper is a theoretical discussion of psychotherapeutic theories and models that the authors understood as being relevant and giving substance to the application of EAT/L at a Therapeutic Horsemanship centre in the UK. It also describes and defines the practice of EAT/L at the centre. Philosophical and psychological theories/models of Non-Violent Communication, Object Relations, Play and Dramatherapy, Mindfulness practice, and Attachment Theory, all set within a person-centred and relationship-based approach employed at the centre were examined and illustrated in the form of client case material. The authors report the central role relationship plays between client-horse-therapist and horse-handler in the building of trust and resolution of the impact of trauma. The paper highlights a need to carry out well-designed empirical studies with different client groups in the field of EAT/L in order to gain more insight into this growing field.